Mr. Dashan Turner
Colonial Beach Public Schools

Welcome to another exciting year in Colonial Beach School System. I am very excited to have been selected as the new Superintendent of Schools for Colonial Beach. As we embark on this great journey as a school community focused on providing our students with the best education possible, we will move with the theme, “Every Student, Every Minute, Every Day!”  This theme ensures that each stakeholder understands their contribution and the level of support needed for our students and future leaders of this great community.

As your new leader, my primary responsibility is to ensure that our students receive a high-quality education in an inclusive, supportive environment. Ensuring that students receive a high-quality education is the cornerstone of our great community. The school and community must work together to provide students with an experience that is fulfilling and cultivates their desire to be great contributors to society. We must share a common goal of providing students with educational experiences that are aligned with job abilities that allow them to graduate ready for employment or prepared to enter the world of academia. 

Every Student, Every Minute, Every Day provides a focal point for each stakeholder to reflect on their responsibility to the school division. Whether your role is that of a high-quality teacher, business partner, retired community member, or your role is one that provides a service to our students, your purpose is vital to our success. You are connected to the success of this great school division and community. With that, we welcome all community stakeholders to become engaged in the great programs and organizations within Colonial Beach Schools.

I look forward to embarking on this wonderful journey with each stakeholder. Best wishes to you for a remarkable school year.